5 Ways You Can Accidentally Damage Your Coin Collection

Are you concerned about potentially damaging your coin collection? Some rare coins can be incredibly valuable, and you never want to find yourself with a damaged investment. Here are a few of the most common ways that coin collectors may accidentally damage their coins while trying to preserve or improve them. 

1. Polishing Your Coins

You should never clean or polish the coins in your collection. Even a light attempt at polishing could remove patina, which can be valuable on older coins. You could even damage the surface of the coin; many older coins are made out of relatively soft materials. If you have or have found coins that are dirty, go to a professional to have them cleaned.

2. Storing Your Coins in Paper

Some types of paper are highly acidic, which will lead to damage on the coin’s surface over time. Don’t store your coins in any paper or cardboard that is not specifically marked as acid-free. Even if you do have acid-free paper or cardboard, it still isn’t the ideal way to store coins because the coins will shift inside of the paper and be subjected to wear over time.

3. Touching Your Coins Without Gloves

Even your skin can be acidic and damaging to a coin. You should always wear gloves before going through your coin collection. Not only is this safer for the coin, but it’s also safer for you; you don’t always know where the coins you’re touching have been, especially if you’re going through a new find.

4. Placing Your Coins in PVC Plastic

PVC plastic is not safe for coins; it has acids in it just as paper does. You need to store your coins in a neutral material that is neither too acidic nor too basic, as the coins could degrade over time. Make sure that the plastic that you do store your coins in is designed expressly for coin storage.

5. Taking Your Coins Out of Their Holders

If you’ve received a coin set, such as a commemorative set, you should make sure that you leave them in the holders. Leaving your coin set in the holders shows that it is the entire original set; this adds value even if the holder itself may not be the most attractive backing for the coin collection.

Coin collecting can be an extremely enjoyable and relaxing hobby, but you also need to be extremely careful. Many coins need to be in mint or near mint condition to be valuable. When in doubt, don’t touch the coin at all and consult an expert.

Nothing to Lose From Ontario CA Pawn Shops

When times are tough and money scarce, local pawnshops would like to be everyone’s light at the end of the tunnel. There are many pawnbrokers with a solid reputation in the community. In fact, a customer might be surprised by how many people they know who have come to a shop when they needed a little quick cash.

It may not be a new California gold rush, but at the shops many people are discovering quick cash and unbelievable bargains that they couldn’t get anywhere else. Whether a customer is an aspiring musician needing a new guitar or a Silicon Valley programmer seeking affordable computer gadgets, a local CA pawn shop may be the best place for a customer.

Why sit around with unused baubles and trinkets taking up space? It’s good to go to a pawn shop and let the shop turn that clutter into cash! If a customer has valuable items and needs a loan, the pawnshops want to make a deal that works for the customer. Call or come on down to pretty much any shop and experience the friendly atmosphere and excellent deals. Many of the establishments are open every day of the week for everyone’s convenience.

Want a better idea of what the pawnshops do? If so, the pawnshop is definitely the right place. The pawnshops offer expert pawnbroker services to the entire local community. So whether a customer has some old guitars they want to get rid of or a customer just received a few valuable pieces through an inheritance and need a quick loan, they should definitely come to the local pawnshops.

The pawnshops buy and sell jewelry and a variety of other items. Pawnshops offer fast, friendly and secure loans on valuables. The pawnshops guarantee to give a customer top dollar for their items.

The pawnshops possess the knowledge and experience to provide a customer with the highest quality service. Many shops includes a wide variety of products and services, including large selections of loose and mounted diamonds in the area. Pawnshops also carry a large selection of new and the previously owned firearms and accessories.

The benefits must seem very obvious, now. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from visiting a pawn shop. The only way to find out how truly awesome these businesses are is to hurry up and try them out. One pawn shop you can talk to is A J’S Super Pawn Inc.

Business Tips In Difficult Times

In troubled economic times, business leaders need to learn new strategies and improve existing ones. They cannot allow themselves to get too comfortable, even if their businesses appear to be stable. The financial prospects of businesses can shift rapidly during troubled financial times, such as the modern Great Recession. Here are a few tips for business owners during difficult economic times.

Working With the Right People

A business is only as strong as its employees are, and the success of a business may be determined by the actions of only a few employees. In troubled economic times, businesses need to be careful about who they hire and how they maintain their staff members.

Employees who are not pulling their weight may need to be let go, as difficult as it is. In difficult economic times, the labor supply tends to be large. Businesses should be able to find employees that are willing to perform well for the sake of keeping their jobs. They need not rely on unproductive labor.

High-ranking employees can cause the most problems. If many employees seem to be having problems, it may not be their fault. The manager that hired them in the first place may be at fault, and may be the weak link. The supervisor that’s assigning projects and deadlines may also be the problem. Business owners need to thoroughly investigate their staff members to identify the issue.

Unpaid interns may not be the bargain they appear to be at first. Some small businesses try to coast on unpaid labor from recent college graduates as a means of getting ahead financially. In the process, they may end up spending too much time training their new employees and not enough time getting results.

Unpaid workers are typically not as productive as paid employees are, especially if they are recent graduates. They will usually be holding additional day jobs, which they will take more seriously than their unpaid internships.

They are also temporary employees. The switching costs of going from one employee to another can slow down businesses.

Many of the businesses that pull through during the worst economic times have great staff members. People that are willing to put in extra hours to keep their jobs and have the necessary expertise can help a company maintain its financial stability.

Consider Financial Alternatives

There are situations in which businesses need a certain amount of money quickly and a bank loan is not an option. If those businesses are experiencing a temporary financial gap that will be resolved quickly, they may need to consider other financial options.

  • Business credit cards
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Business cash advance
  • Revenue-Based Financing

Businesses, especially small businesses, can sink because of temporary cash-flow problems. Businesses need to be prepared to do what’s necessary to maintain a revenue stream.

Large, overarching decisions about cash flow and hiring practices can cause a business to rise or fall. Businesses should be willing to make difficult decisions to stay profitable, which can include firing troublesome employees and seeking alternative financial options. Their ability to correctly size up the situation is their greatest weapon. 

Finding A Commodities And Futures Broker In Chicago

Finding A Commodities And Futures Broker In Chicago sjbfuturesllc.com

How To Buy A Used Car When You Want A Great Deal

Buying a used car can be a great financial choice if you get the right deal. New cars can lose up to 30 percent of their value the second you drive them off the lot, but used cars pretty much keep their value. Of course, not all used car dealerships treat their customers as well as they should, so you have to be careful when making a purchase. Keep the following things in mind to avoid throwing money away.

Test Drive the Specific Car You’re Going to Buy

You may be in love with a particular model and wouldn’t buy anything else. However, small changes from year to year and even between different styles of the same year model can greatly affect a car’s handling or how comfortable you are inside, so you shouldn’t skip a test drive because you’ve driven that kind of car before.

In addition to making sure the car you choose is in fact what you were looking for, a test drive also gives you a chance to make sure the car is in good condition. Be sure the test drive route takes you on roads with both city and highway speeds to make sure the car drives as well as you expected in all conditions. Keep conversation to a minimum and leave the radio off so you can hear if the car is making any noises that may signal it needs repairs.

Take the Car to an Independent Mechanic

Even if you’re going to a dealer like Neil’s Finance Plaza Inc. with a 100-point inspection, take the car to an independent mechanic before the sale is final. Those inspections are mainly for marketing purposes and don’t actually tell you the car is in great shape. For starters, the car may just have been inspected, but instead of being repaired, what’s wrong with it might just be listed in the fine print. In addition, an independent mechanic can point out any parts that may just barely pass inspection, but will need to be replaced in the next few months.

Don’t Be a Monthly Payment Buyer

Used car dealerships love to hide the cost of used cars in the monthly payment. By stretching out the loan, they can quote a low monthly payment to make it seem like you’re getting a good deal, but at the end of the loan you might be paying more than you would have for a used car. Always negotiate the total selling price before you discuss financing. Before you sign, do the math and make sure the payments add up to the amount you were quoted.